-> product uses: < br > the products are widely used in rushed stainless steel anti-theft net, staircase handrails, guardrails, all kinds of shoe rack, hanger so tube (round, square), zinc, steel, steel, iron, aluminum alloy, shelves and other punching; guardrail Chong pointed a stamping molding; can according to customer demand for customized multiple position die punching machine, the machine comes with the positioning rod scale, precise positioning, opening flat; can be arbitrary regulation of perforation, single face.
    -> product advantages:
    1. single station machine daily production of 500-600 square meters, high labor cost
    2. bid farewell to the hole, no need to replace the drill bit, the operation is simple, easy to move
    3. high precision positioning by the ruler, without the line, ranging, automatic nesting
    4. opening and smooth without burr, high precision, half hole full hole one key switch mode
    5. applicable to the wall thickness of 0.2-3mm various specifications of the pipe
    6. speed punching efficiency is 10 times more than ordinary bench drill
    7. long life, the use of punch times up to 200 thousand times above
    8. punching pressure adjustable, adjustable stroke. Fast running smooth