One, PVC Veneer Plaster Ceiling equipment

Equipment Description: 1, overlaying equipment widely used in density board, plywood, blockboard, glass, acrylic, mosaic and a variety of flat plate surface coating, embossing, painted. With PVC film, wood paper, paint free paper, protective film, high light film etc.. Through the most advanced technology and equipment can produce a beautiful elegant crystal plate, color diamond plate and a variety of colors of furniture.

The equipment veneer is smooth, uniform surface adhesion. Complete paper glue, veneer, drying, hot pressing, automatic. Advanced technical specifications, high precision, reasonable layout, novel structure, convenient operation, pneumatic put volumes, deviation angle, speed can be adjustable electrostatic, elimination, automatic dust removal, glue, pneumatic hot and cold pressing, the new production operation process, an effective solution to the undesirable phenomenon in the solid paste, bubble, fold, and effectively improve the production efficiency of the product, greatly save manpower resources, and is the ideal equipment for the coated sheet.

Device configuration: dust suction mechanism, separate the glue coating mechanism, paper sticker mechanism, automatic cutting mechanism and pressing mechanism.

Equipment is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic, can be designed according to customer requirements.

Two, gypsum board equipment

1, batching plant

Transport silo material through horizontal and vertical transportation equipment, and through the rigid impeller feeder to belt weigher. The excess material, through to the conveyor, hoist and other transportation equipment back to the bunker. Building gypsum, modified starch, coagulant, glass fiber (production water resistant gypsum board, refractory plasterboard) and other raw materials are respectively metered into the spiral mixer after continuously fed into the vertical mixer. Foaming agent adding storage tank. When in use, the foaming agent and the water are respectively sent by the metering pump to the foaming device, and the compressed air is communicated with the air to produce stable foam. Glue stick side glue in the tank after assembled into forming station on both sides of the mouth, the adhesive tape sprayed on the gypsum board on both sides of the paper. The upper and lower protective paper by electric hoist to paper frame.

2 molding section

Molding paper after paper storage machine, tensioning device, nicking device, deviation rectifying device sent to the molding station, the gypsum slurry from the vertical mixer flow to the molding paper. Molding paper machine paper machine, a tensioning device, correction device and viscose, sent to the forming station. Molding machine for the plate, the thickness can be adjusted. Gathered together forming machine of paper, paper, gypsum slurry extrusion wrapped into a predetermined thickness plate, forming good gypsum board with the solidification of belt conveyor, conveying roller smooth delivery to cutting machine according to the set length cut off, and then by accelerated roller into type 1 horizontal conveyor, the close roller after fed into the drier.

3, drying section

Gypsum board is composed of a bridge type distributor according to the procedure into 12 layer dryer of each layer, the dryer sub district, with hot steam as the heat source, hot air plasterboard in the dryer to advance slowly and, with longitudinal flow of hot air will continue to carry out the heat exchange, plate absorbs heat, temperature, free moisture slow evaporation plate, but does not destroy the dihydrate gypsum crystal water. When the gypsum board out of dryer, the moisture content should be less than or equal to 1%. After drying, the paper surface gypsum board is cooled by the cooling section of the drying machine, and then the plate is arranged in an orderly way from the drying machine.

4, cutting and stacking section

The dryer of gypsum paper delivery of the roller conveyor, type 2 transverse conveyor and a laminating machine into trimming machine, precision cut to desired size and finished plate by refined roller conveyor into the stacker stacker, stacked by the forklift to send to the finished product warehouse storage.

Three, gypsum line equipment

1 production is high, the operation is simple, the daily output is 3000

2 low cost, need less, 6 people per class, with less power, the total installed capacity of more than and 20 kilowatts.

3. The quality is stable, the equipment used in operating of CNC, automatic grouting, automatic lapping, automatic flattening, boot to a finished product, no stable quality and reduce the cost.

Four, pulse bag filter

1, the dust collector using compartment stop wind pulse jet cleaning technology, overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collector and loculose anti blow the shortcomings of precipitator, strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low concentration of emissions, small air leakage rate, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, covers an area of small, stable operation can rely on. It has a good economic benefit. For the metallurgical, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industry, the dust containing gas purification and recycling of materials.

2, due to the adoption of the compartment the wind stopped blowing pulse jet, blowing a can reach to thoroughly clean the dust, so the cleaning cycle extended, reducing the dust cleaning energy consumption, the compressed air consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the degree of fatigue bag and pulse valve also decreases correspondingly, thus greatly improving the life of the valve and the filter bag.

3, overhaul of the bag can be in the system of fan, the normal operating conditions of the system sub room. Filter bag opening using elastic ring, good sealing performance, stable and reliable. The bag keel for the use of polygon, reduces friction and prolong the keel of the bag, the bag of life, and is convenient for unloading bags.

4, the upper bag pulling way, change the bag out of the framework and dirty bag input box in the lower part of the hopper, is taken out of the hole, improve the bag changing operating conditions.

5, the box adopts gas tightness design, good sealing performance, inspection door with excellent sealing material, making process with kerosene leak detection, the leakage rate is very low.

6, into,